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Why Should I Hire a Web Developer? Here are 4 Reasons.

The internet isn’t the same scary place it was 10 years ago. Now, every business has a website and a Facebook page - or at the very least they should. But just because you can create your own website using Wordpress, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. In fact, many self-created sites look great at first but rarely function well. That’s where a professional web developer comes in. When you hire a web developer, you get more than a beautiful website for your business, you get a website that runs smoothly for you and your customers!

Reason #1. They Fix the Problems You Can’t

Technology is constantly changing. If you’re not in the tech industry, it’s hard to keep up with new codes and standards. There’s really good news, though - a web developer knows all about the changes before you do. If you’re experiencing a problem with your site, your web developer can diagnose and treat the problem before you accidentally delete the page.

Reason #2. They Play the Google Game

Google is a wonderful tool for consumers and a great way for business to be found quickly. Being on that first page of any given Google search should be #1 on your business goals list. A professional web developer can help you get there. They know all of the search engine optimization tricks and secret keyword placements to help get you to the top of Google’s rankings.

Reason #3. They Create Secure Websites

Imagine trying to checkout on Amazon and finding out the site isn’t secure. Your credit card information is now available to the hackers. Don’t scare your customers like that. A secure website is crucial to any site with eCommerce. This can be hard to set up and ensure on your own. Not only can a web developer make your website safe for customers to make any purchases, they’ll also notify you if the system ever goes down or hackers breach the safeguards.

Reason #4. They Keep Your Website Updated

Websites are just like fashion, trends go in and out of style. You may have loved your original design five years ago, it’s probably outdated now. As more and more customers use their phones to

look up local businesses, it’s imperative your website is mobile-optimized (Google even requires it). When you hire a web developer, they’ll be up-to-date on new website trends and help you decide when you need to tweak a few features on your website or go in for a design overhaul.

If you are looking at creating a website for your business or need help with web development, contact us.

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