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Next Level Design Implementation & Ongoing Management 
Advanced Video Surveillance Systems for All Industries.

Miller Technologies has been installing video surveillance systems for twenty five  years. Over that time, video security systems have evolved from independent analog systems into IP based systems that integrate into corporate IT infrastructures. This evolution requires the skill of an IT professional to setup and integrate correctly with a business network system.


Axis is a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance cameras with camera lines that range from HD PTZ to thermal. These cameras feature HD resolution, corridor format recording, advanced video analytics, and powerful Light finder technology.

The Leader In IP Video
Surveillance Cameras.


Solutions By Industry

Axis provides a complete range of network video, audio and access control solutions for a broad spectrum of industries and customer needs. Our flexible and secure technology is easy to integrate and scales to match your growth


Protect your passengers and improve their travel experience, with connected technology to prevent security threats and optimize airport services.


Axis IP technology makes casinos safer and meets regulatory requirements, while analytics applications can turn surveillance equipment into


Defend your digital assets with cost-effective video and audio solutions. Secure sites completely from the perimeter to individual server racks.


From boutique hotels to quick service restaurants, Axis network video and audio protects guests and staff, and help operations run smoothly.

car_parking_lot_sunshine_2600x1950_2107 (1).jpg

Realize the full potential of public or commercial parking with network technologies from Axis and partners. Improve security, management and


Make your stores safer and more profitable, with integrated solutions that address loss prevention, store optimization and safety & security.


Axis supports financial institutions in transformative times, improving safety and security, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Connected technology from Axis visually secures goods handling, protects your warehouses and fleets, and ensures employee health and safety.


In commercial buildings, network video surveillance protects people and property, and with Axis it can also unlock efficiency and profits.


Integrated security solutions that protect students, staff, and school property while also delivering operational and educational benefits.


Axis surveillance solutions can be customized for industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper, mining, food, agriculture, and automobiles.


The unique security challenges of correctional facilities can be met with durable equipment, intelligent analytics, and network video and audio.


Make your city more livable with scalable camera and IoT solutions that address public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.


Integrated solutions for safety, security, and efficiency in the oil and gas, power and energy, water treatment, and communication tower industries.


Video and connected technology that helps you treat more patients with fewer resources while improving personal safety and reducing theft.


Intelligent video surveillance solutions help you optimize port security, improve shipping lane safety, and expedite port services.


Network video technology that safeguards passengers, staff, rolling stock, and infrastructure while providing invaluable business intelligence.


Protect performers and spectators before, during, and after the event. Cost-effective, smart video and audio solutions for crowds of any size.


Project Consulting

Our IT experts provide a comprehensive project assessment to determine the needs of your business, and work with you to design the security camera solution that’s right for your unique application! 


Security Audit

We can do a remote walk through of your facility using blueprints/plans, digital photos, sketches, and even online satellite imagery. This FREE service we provide gives our design team a clear view of your building, campus or organization.


System Integration

For customers with complex technology or security requirements, our IT engineers have extensive expertise in security & IT technology, allowing them to effectively configure your camera system for maximum potential.

  • On-site & Virtual Walk-through

  • Expert Support from IT Professionals with over 25 years Experience

  • Free System Design Customized for Your Business or Organization

FREE Consultation & System Design

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Increased Store Safety, Efficiency & Profitability

Run A Smarter, Safer Hotel, Resort or Restaurant

Ensure that your store technology can minimize loss and protect people and assets. As important, find opportunities to increase revenues and enhance customer experiences in real time.

As a hotelier, you’re responsible for the safety of your guests and staff. However, you need to strike a balance between giving guests peace of mind and their privacy.

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