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Make Your Life Simpler With Custom Software (You’re Welcome!)

How many different software's and programs do you use to manage your small business? You probably have some sort of storage program like Dropbox or Google Drive, use Slack for internal communications and have separate project management and email tools. Those are a lot of different programs to check and pay for. There’s one really easy way to save time and money with your business: custom software. That can be anything that’s built specifically for you, with your business’ needs in mind. Here are the questions you need to be asking yourself when deciding to transition to custom software:

Are all my business needs being met?

What does your business need to function efficiently every day? Now, imagine that’s all in one space. Your files, projects and communications living within a single custom software. As opposed to off-the-shelf options, you can have all the features you need. And, you won’t have to deal with any extra components you don’t use. Custom software is often more secure than off-the-rack or online alternatives, which is great if customers make online transactions.

How can my business be more efficient?

How much time do you waste when you have to search through three different platforms for a single platform? What might feel like a minor annoyance in the moment can add up to quite the time loss over an extended period.That’s time your team could be spending on business development instead. When software is designed specifically for your business needs, you can streamline all of your processes.

How can I make my business scale-able?

When everything is easy to find and manage, a business can function smoothly. This makes growing, in size and profit, easier. This is because simple processes that make sense for the company are already in place and can handle growth. You no longer have to worry about upgrading your package to fit your size or about finding brand-new platforms every time you outgrow your current one. Custom software also allows for consistency within an organization, especially if it operates through multiple locations.

Can I train new employees easily?

If you use multiple off-the-rack platforms, the answer would be no. It’s a pain and takes a lot of time to train a new employee on four different software's. Consolidating everything into a single software makes the training process smoother and simpler. It also helps every employee stay on the same page.

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