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The Easy Way to Earn Customer Loyalty With a Mobile App

Today, few people are farther than a few feet away from their phones. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, a smartphone is basically an extended part of the family. Essentially, it’s a single tool that allows us to do everything . Without phones, we wouldn’t wake up on time in the morning,know how to get anywhere, remember close friends’ birthdays or know where to shop. The abundance of mobile apps help businesses earn customer loyalty.

Mobile Apps: Give Them What They Want Consumers are spending more and more time on their phones, that’s not a secret. They want information easily accessible at all times. But they’re probably not going to keep opening a browser for sites or companies they visit regularly. Mobile apps are a way to reward loyal customers and visitors with features and information, readily available. In fact, smartphone users spend 86% of their time on apps rather than mobile web browsers, according to a 2014 study. Just like a mobile optimized website is a requirement for successful businesses in 2016, mobile apps will be just another fact of doing business in a few years .

Get Your Own App Before Your Competitors Bigger organizations like Buzz-feed and Facebook recognize the growing tech necessity and have had mobile apps for years. However, this concept has taken longer to trickle down mid sized and small businesses. That’s great news for you! You have the opportunity to earn customer loyalty in a unique and helpful way before your biggest competition even thinks of it!

Keep In Touch Mobile apps provide a rare method of staying in communication with customers. As you know, communication is crucial in maintaining customer and client relationships. Apps let you go beyond typical emails and text messages with push notifications. You can send updates, sales notifications or private messages through the mobile app directly to their phone’s home screen.

Loyal Customers Stay Engaged An app can allow for more engagement and special features than a traditional website. Their often customized for the best user experience. A well designed mobile app can convert casual visitors into frequent users. Think about how much easier, and prevalent, Facebook became when the app first came out over five years ago. That was the moment that hooked millions of casual users and turned them into full fledged Facebook stalkers.

Technology Upgrades Don’t Have to Be Scary Technology is constantly changing. While it’s all exciting, trying to stay on top of it can be daunting. Keeping your website modern and fresh, for example, is often a heady (and expensive) task. Mobile apps, on the other hand, can be easily updated through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. In fact, customers expect frequent updates to make their experience better. They’ll be pleased to know you’re striving to be better, too!

Creating a mobile app for your business puts you ahead of the competition and allows you to earn customer loyalty. To learn more about app development and for help with any software related services, contact us.

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